Can Most Golfers Stop Coming Over The Top Golf Swing?

Do you find yourself having difficulties to stop coming over the top golf swing every time you swing the golf club? Do you find yourself repeating the same over the top problem even though you have addressed your swing position accordingly? The fact is that this problem seems to be the biggest flaws in golf arena and the major reason why many golfers could not get lower score in achieving a single handicap. Having said that, there is still hope for improvements to mitigate this problem if you adopt the right system in performing golf swing.

Educating yourself about what and how does over the top problem actually occur is the first important thing in the process to stop coming over the top golf swing. This irritating and annoying problem usually happen when you positioned the golf club back too much on the inside swing plane which will cause your swing to be off the centre from the ball. Basically it is like position a scythe swing pattern or sideway in its arc rather than taking the golf club position on a straighter and upright swing arc. When you positioned yourself doing the wrong approach, unconsciously as when you performing the backswing, the club head will be thrown away from the swing path which resulting a pulled shot to the left and hitting the top of the ball. Many golfers do not realised of making this mistakes because this problem is naturally very hard to detect. That is why many golfers have been repeating the over the top problem many times without realising it.

Have you ever been into a situation where over the top problem continuously repeating even though you have address and positioned yourself correctly. This is the most frustrating moment for most golfers. The fact that they have condition themselves to hit correctly but they still conducting the same problem. The reason for this is that as when you going for the backswing, there are premature movement of the upper body in the downswing where your upper body will always move ahead than your lower body. That is why the position from the backswing to the downswing must be corrected first in order to get the perfect straight and farther shot. Honestly, this situation happen unconsciously and if you don’t take necessary action to eliminate this problem from happening, it will continuously be part of you forever.

To stop coming over the top golf swing, it is crucial for you to seek for the right proper set of guidance. Following the right system for your golf swing will determine consistency of your golf swing every time you play golf game. In the process of mitigating this problem from happening again, simply follow the below guidance so you will get the basic idea how you can stop coming over the top problem gradually:

Holding A Proper Golf Grip

Having a good proper golf grip will determine your golf swing without over the top problem. The main principle to understand in handling a golf grip is to make sure that you have the right grip pressure during the swing. Out of scale 1-10, your grip pressure should not exceed 7 grip pressure as this will only make your body muscle tense up and eventually will not achieve the natural swing.

Getting The Right Golf Stance

Over the top can be eliminated completely if you adopt the right golf stance during performing golf swing. Your body posture should be in relax mode and not too stiff. Stiffing up your body muscle will lead to imbalance body movement. Make sure your feet is open wide according to the club that you use. Ideally if you use iron number seven, your feet stance should align with your shoulder’s wide. Bent your body from the hip and make sure you don’t hunch your back.

Understand The Proper Swing Mechanics

Understanding this basic is important as you will understand how a good golf swing should be performed. It will begin with getting the right proper body addressing. As you going for the backswing, it is important for you to pull your club slowly in-line with the target. As you have reached the maximum backswing, make sure your left shoulder is directly under your chin. ALWAYS maintain your head level during the backswing. Keep your eyes on the ball all the time. As you going for the downswing, do not force it to happen. Let the momentum takes place and keep your eyes to the ball all the time. Follow through all to the back and turn your body to the target. At this point if your body is not balanced up recheck your body posture during addressing the beginning point of golf swing.

This three professional guidance you should apply during performing your golf swing and during performing your golf swing} you will able to see the difference in your golf swing pattern and able to stop coming over the top golf swing problem in no time.

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